Selected Projects

These projects showcase my dedication to blending user-centered design principles with inventive solutions, resulting in a positive impact and enhancing the digital landscape for businesses and users alike.

User Research

ONO - Online project collabooration tool

The ONO platform from Hello xLab allows users to propose projects or opportunities, create a remote workspace, and have a single-channel collaboration and productivity tool available anytime, anywhere. ONO uses machine learning to match needs instantly and accurately with capabilities and resources worldwide.

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MEDWELL - Scheduling App for medicine pick up

In this project, we researched personal healthcare management in Canada, and identified challenges faced by patients suffering from chronic disease, especially in day to day medicine management.

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Interaction Design

CIBC - App Redesign

We were given a task to re-design any feature of our choice of an existing app. In this we have to submit problem, current app analysis and the new design including wireframe

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